Why Mental Training

Athletes need mental training because, if as Baseball great Yogi Berra is quoted as saying, 90% of sports performance is mental and the other 50% physical, why do we spend almost 100% of our time training only our bodies. This is the big question you need to ask yourself or any athlete. What are you doing to train your mind for athletic success? Are you dealing with competitive stress productively? Sport Psychology Consultants and the Mental Game will help you reach the next level of peak performance. Most of our mental training programs are relatively short turn, the results will last a lifetime. If you want to play at the next level, it’s the mental game that will get you there.

Take this short quiz Mental side (game) of soccer

1) Are you a confident athlete?
2) Do you understand how best to use imagery to help you to peak performance and to accelerate learning of new skills?
3) Do you face your fears or avoid them?
4) Do you know how to relax and can you turn the switch on when you need to?
5) Do you lose focus during competition?
6) Does the word choke hit close to home?
7) Do you use an effective pre- and post competition routine? How about for practice?

If you found that there were questions that you answered NO, let us help you make the answers YES. Gain the skills to effectively get results and take your game to the next level.
Come learn to play the Game within the Gam

The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and whawe could BE.

Sport Psychology Consultant Mike Margolies with Cheyenne Stampede Mental Training is not a Luxury, It’s a Necessity!

Most people have so much more potential than where they are right now!
Success or Failure is dependent on one thing- YOU
Are you the player you want to become?

Come discover ”The Athlete within You” and find out what mental training is and why you need to learn about the game within the game!