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The Mental Game and what it can do for you!Mental Game Training with sport psychology consultant

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Mike Margolies – Certified Mental Trainer® – Author -Speaker

Mental Training in Sports and Business:

When you want to be the best that you can be and the one thing you are missing is the right Mental Game what do you do? Well, athletes from over the country have been seeking out Certified Mental Trainer® and Sport Psychology Consultant Mike Margolies for close to thirty-five years for his expertise in helping them live up to their potential. He has worked with athletes; professional football to elite level figure skating and just about every sport in between. People have sought his counsel and unique coaching / consulting style to learn about the game within the game, or what sports psychology and mental training can do to help them become the athlete they want to be. He has programs for all athletes at every level. If you are in business, why not learn the secretes of great performers? Let’s talk about “What Mental Training is about”. He is the author of  “The Athlete within You” Let him help you with your Peak Performance! If you are interesting in keep your backyard in a good shape, you need to have best tools to make your job easier, fortunately the professionals from Lawn Care Guides have for you the best reviews of the tools that you need to work in your garden.

After Sounders FC U23 Game

Mike and client DeAndre Yedlin when he was with Sounders U23’s. He plays for Seattle Sounders FC Today.

Junior A Hockey hires Mike Margolies

Sport Psychology Consultant for Cheyenne Stampede is Mike Margolies

I’d like you to consider this value proposition. How much time do you spend   working on performance? How much money and energy does it take to increase your level of performance. Mental Training is the best value around based on time, energy and $$.

Relaxation for the Athlete within You

Working with an athlete- Relaxation Training

So have you called for your fee waived initial session and assessment? Find out why the mental game is the critical factor in your success or failure at any level. The mind – body connection will help you perform to your greatest ability.