Team Building

Team Building for Businesses, Non Profits, and Direct Sales Organizations

While I have been helping build teams for over thirty years I have now expanded and offering team building events for all types of non-sport organizations. These events can be 1/2 day events or full weekend retreats. We have programs that will blend into your event or we can put an event on for you. Let us show you why the sports world offers you great insight into how your organization can function at the highest level.

Most Team Building workshops offer insights into how a team succeeds through cooperation. Many organizations play down the competitive nature of the business environment, yet this is the reality of most organizations. Promotions, project selection and salary are dependent on being competitive. Team Building by The Mental Game

The secret however is how to succeed through both cooperative and competitive environments.  If you think about a football or soccer team players must work together to succeed while at the same time compete for playing time with their team mates. Good teams thrive in this competitive environment. In the corporate / business world employees find themselves working on projects or in teams where they must both cooperate and compete with others. Learning to thrive in this pressurized can have great effects on an organization.

Every wonder why people that played on sports teams miss them so much. What if you could create a corporate culture that no one ever wanted to leave? Let The Mental Game help get your organization moving in the right direction.

Respect, admiration, discipline, cohesion and even competition are all attributes of good teams. A competitive environment is not in opposition to a good working environment. Respect and Cohesion are easier to achieve when missions and goals are clearly defined. Learn how to utilize everyone’s emotional intelligence to further your organizations mission.

These activities are fun, intellectually stimulating and can have a tremendously positive effect on your company or organizations direction. Events are flexible and designed to work with you mission statement and goals. Call us today and let us prepare an individualized program to meet all of your needs. We will work within your budget to produce a memorable event with lasting meanings. (425) 241-6539

The Mental Game Team Building Programs

Gold Medal Team Building

Bronze Team BuildingBronze Medal Program – Half and full day workshops

Generally onsite, but can be arranged in a more conducive setting. Workshop designed for units of 12 to 48. There is a greater focus on cohesion and cooperation in the Bronze Medal Program.

silver Level Team BuildingSilver Medal ProgramFull day workshops

In this Silver Medal Workshop we explore both sides of the coin, cooperation and competition in the workplace. Through a combination of exercises devised to demonstrate to individuals the need for both skill sets to help an organization flourish. Workshop designed for units of 24 to 72.

Gold Medal Team BuildingGold Medal ProgramWeekend Retreats

This is the ultimate in team building through cooperation and competition. The Gold Medal Program is designed to be an intensive 2.5 day retreat off site. Participants will learn to compete and cooperate to reach very different goals. Games begin on arrival with players learning to become part of a team, planning for events and competing for individual and team honors. Breaks to learn mental training skills to deal with stress and build confidence.


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