Relaxation for The Athlete within You

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Relaxation for The Athlete within You I have been teaching people to relax for over 35 years. What…

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Relaxation for The Athlete within You

I have been teaching people to relax for over 35 years. What started out as a ten-page paper in an undergraduate Motor Learning class turned out to direct my professional life. Relaxation training has taught me so much about people and how to help them succeed. It has taught me more and been at the foundation of everything that is most significant in my being able to help people get to the next level. 

The most important component of this exercise is increasing self awareness. Being an athlete is about knowing and understanding your body. There are lot’s of ways to learn to relax. The method I am giving you in this program is progressive muscle relaxation. All movement revolves around the balance between tension and relaxation. As you learn to control even very low levels of tension in your body, you will find your athleticism and fluidity of movement improve. If I was only allowed to help athletes with one thing, this would be it.

As with any relaxation audio program of this nature I do have to state that please use this program while sitting or lying down where having your eyes closed will be a safe thing to do. This means driving or operating dangerous machinery is not the right circumstance to use this program. A quiet place where there are no disturbances at first is best. Once you are practiced, that will not matter. Many athletes use this program on flights or during travel as long as they are not the ones flying the plane or driving the vehicle. 

You should do this exercise until you become very proficient at it.  This usually takes two to four weeks.  Stay with the whole procedure now.  Later you can bypass the full procedure to save time, but it is important that your body learn to feel tension wherever it occurs.

Sport Specific Imagery Programs are also available. custom programs for your needs can be purchased too. Please enjoy, Relaxation for the athlete within you.

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