Increase your Bowling Average

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Increase your Bowling Average Increase your Bowling Average by relaxing with the help of guided imagery! An great…

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Increase your Bowling Average

Increase your Bowling Average by relaxing with the help of guided imagery! An great bowler is one who is relaxed and able to bowl with ease under pressure. Our unconscious mind knows exactly what actions our body must make in order to bowl a great game. Unfortunately, being unable to consciously let go of the tension in the game can get in the way of making this a reality. Because of this, learning to calm your nerves is an important factor in improving your bowling performance.

Concentrating intently can cause your muscles to tighten and misdirect your body. When you focus too much on anything there is always the possibility of doubt creeping in and leading you away from your objective. Rolling the ball into the right position and setting up each shot successfully should happen naturally. Trying to force things only inhibits the flow and order of the game.

Getting your body to relax when you need it most isn’t always easy. Hypnosis and guided imagery is an excellent way to train your unconscious mind to take over and run things smoothly when stress starts to invade your thinking. By harnessing the power of the unconscious mind you can learn to make each required movement automatically. Every time you step up to the line you can be prepared, mentally and physically, to exact success.

Can you Imagine?

  • Improving your confidence and your average!
  • Being calmer and more focused for each game!
  • Finding a natural flow to bowling with ease!

The game of bowling requires plenty of practice and refined skill, but it also requires a calm mind. Guided imagery and hypnosis allows you to access your creative unconscious and bring about permanent behavioral change. Our hypnosis/guided imagery program will take you through a mental rehearsal of many possible bowling situations. You can visualize the steps necessary to achieve your desired results, all while relaxing deeply.


Increase your Bowling Average

This program has been designed to help improve your mind-body connection so that you are better able to manage your game stress. With the help of our hypnosis and guided imagery program you can find… The Athlete within You.

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