Basketball hypnosis mp3

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Basketball hypnosis mp3 Use this hypnosis and imagery rehearsal mp3 to bring your game to new heights! Jump…

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Basketball hypnosis mp3

Use this hypnosis and imagery rehearsal mp3 to bring your game to new heights! Jump in and see why some of the best athletes in the world use this technique.

Be a Better Basketball Player

You work hard to perform your best on the court. You train hard physically and you understand the game. Are you struggling to keep your focus before or during the basketball game. The question is: how much are you tapping into The Game within the Game. Is there something you can do to bring out the athlete within you? Yes there absolutely is! And we are going to show you how.

You know the effects of doubt and fear can have on your confidence. Keeping a winning attitude isn’t always easy. Your mind and body are supposed to be completely connected. Is relaxation one of your skill sets? Can you relax regardless of circumstance? Can you trigger the best intensity level for you? It is in your control.

The best athletes focus on a simple acronym: W.I.N. = What’s Important Now

Focus on your game now. Is there a particular aspect of your performance that you would like to improve? Can you picture yourself learning new skills and bringing them into your game? Hypnosis and guided imagery (imagery rehearsal) has helped athletes the world over become better at their chosen sport. 

When you visualize carrying out an activity in your mind your neural pathways are triggered as though you are actually performing on the basketball court. By using mental practice you are conditioning yourself for success. By using hypnosis you are getting the important messages to where they are most needed, your unconscious mind. You become more in tune to the messages your body sends and better able to handle everything thrown at you during a match. This combination is an important to achieve success in anything you do.

So if you want to improve and become the best player you can be, everything needs to be prepared for success.  This program can help guide your body toward its own personal peak performance. To bring it into reality it takes more than just picturing it in your mind. You must continue to practice and tap into the power of your unconscious to make it real.

Can You Imagine?

  • Performing at your physical best!
  • Coping with stress and anxiety!
  • Understanding mental preparation!

An athlete performs at their best when they are running on autopilot.  Our unconscious guides our bodies to do only what we believe we are capable of performing. This is why hypnosis and imagery rehearsal are so useful for sports performance. By focusing on becoming more capable than you may have believed and working towards that achievement, our unconscious begins to accept that more is possible. The push to exceed prior achievements it becomes automatic and new goals are more attainable than ever before. You must see and believe in possibilities before they can occur on consistent bases.

Our program will help you improve your mind-body communication and help you to properly deal with pre-game stress. With the help of hypnosis and guided imagery you will believe in yourself. As your confidence grows, so will your touch around the basket, your ability to take players on 1 on 1 and even become a better ball handler than ever before. You will be able to learn more effectively and work on new skills. With repeated practice, you can and will become a more confident basketball player. You will find… The Athlete within You.

**Alpha brainwave music composed and engineered by Leigh Spusta. The musical soundscape on this recording has been specifically engineered by Leigh Spusta, brainwave audio entrainment expert, to assist the listener in entering into a deep comfortable relaxation, and to compliment the effects and intention of the hypnosis process.

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