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The Athlete within You – a book about the mental approach to sports and business

The Athlete within you book

This is not your ordinary sport psychology book. This is a journey of the pursuit of excellence in sports using mental skills as the backdrop.  The book is how athletes develop and can achieve excellence.  Since we all have an athlete within us, it is also very much about how we all can achieve success in life and business.  Become inspired by understanding your own motives.  Find the tools you may be missing.  Use your imagination and find success.  Come along for the ride and find out that it really is you driving the bus.  Come discover The Athlete within You.

Praise for Mike Margolies and The Athlete within You

I met Mike Margolies when I was coaching at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO. I had at that time a few athletes that had a chance to develop into World and Olympic Athletes. After all the coaching and training is done, everyone knows that the mindset of the athlete will make or break their performance. This is where I was happy Mike was available to give my athletes the informational tools to be able to give their best performance. I was very lucky to be the coach of one Olympic Champion and three World Champions. Mike was a great asset to me in my sport; however, a confident mind is useful in all sports and businesses.

Richard S. Callaghan, Figure Skating Coach, Champions of America

You can also book Mike Margolies as a speaker for your club or business and learn how to apply principles of sport psychology and Find The Athlete within You.

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