Back on Radio! Mike Margolies is hosting The Mental Game

The Mental Game IntroMental Game Training with sport psychology consultant on radio

The Mental Game is a journey into understanding the way of the athlete.  How we achieve our dreams, how we train, how we succeed and how we fail.  It’s about getting there more than being there. New format combines what everyone loved before with somewhat opinionated sports talk from a host that at least in his field is an expert. Come join in and discuss sports with Author / Sport Psychology Consultant/ Certified Mental Trainer®  -Mike Margolies.

Bring your “A” Game to play.

We are always booking guests and of course looking for the right fit in sponsors.

The show has be changed. It is now part of the Junior Radio Show. It runs periodically throughout the week and I will post its availability on iTunes soon. 

The sportscasts are all under this tab. Check out the Mental Minutes too. They are one minute tips to help you with mental training.