Mental Minute XI


Here is Mental Minute XI: Controlling Anger: ’We’ve all seen the hotheads who yell and abuse their equipment after playing badly. Why do they do that?! Does it help them play better? Does it improve their reputation? Do they enjoy the game more? The answer to all these questions is of course, NO! They do it because they initially thought it would send the message to other players that they’re much better than they look. Unfortunately, what it really says is, “I’m mentally weak and deserve to be playing poorly!” So what’s the best way to control anger? It’s a combination of 3 things actually: 1) Be more “matter of fact” by describing play accurately, like a radio play-by-play announcer,  Like – “That shot down the line was long by 3 inches and wide by 2 inches” 2) Use a between-time ritual (BTR) that involves leaving the past behind you and, Remember to focus on the NOW! 3) Take 3 deep breaths before you say anything.. Those 3 are a pretty good place to start.