Performance Enhancement

What are the performance enhancement skills utilized in mental training? 

These are just some of the areas of focus which leads to performance enhancement using mental game training. They are areas drawn from years of research and practical application. The science of sport psychology has researched athlete behavior. The critical difference in performance may come down to how well athletes perform or utilize many of the skills detailed below.

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Mental Training: Performance Enhancement

1 Pre & Post Performance Routines: Pre & Post Performance Routines: set the stage for success In this clinic athletes or performers will learn the fundamentals of pre-performance routines and gain knowledge of how these routines can assist them in increasing their confidence, concentration, anxiety control, and consistency. Participants will have the opportunity to construct their own routine so they can perform at an optimal level in their sport or other performance domain.
2 Goal Setting Championship Goals: targeting success In this clinic athletes or performers will learn how to effectively set and achieve their goals. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own goals for the year, season, month, big competitions, and/or everyday practice. Specific emphasis will be placed on the development of strategies for helping athlete/performers achieve their goals.
3 Imagery Rehearsal / Sports Hypnosis Imagery: what your mind believes your body achieves In this clinic athletes or performers will be introduced to multi-perspective imagery and the different ways in which it can be used to improve performance, recover from injury, learn new skills, and cope with stress. During the clinic, participants will be able to develop imagery scripts for their specific situations to help enhance performances.
4 Confidence Building Confidence through positive thinking In this clinic athletes or performers will learn how to effectively control a major component of confidence – self-talk. Participants will be introduced to the value of positive self-talk and trained on how to incorporate it into their everyday performances and practice. In addition, participants will be taught the importance of handling their own negative dialogue, which often enters our minds during critical situations.
5 Emotional Control Emotional Control: finding the “Go Zone” This clinic will teach athletes or performers about the effects of physiological, cognitive and emotional arousal on performance. An emphasis is placed on helping participants understand and identify their own “go zone,” so they understand the emotions, thoughts and physical feelings associated with peak performance. Participants will learn techniques on how to get into their own “go zone.” How do we regulate intensity?
6 Attentional Focus: Concentration Training Attentional Focus: what’s important right now? In this clinic athletes or performers will be introduced to the importance of concentration in achieving performance excellence. Participants will learn about a multi-factor system for conceptualizing attention and how understanding attention from this perspective can help them learn how to control their focus so they may achieve performance excellence.
7 Anger Management Anger Management: staying in control to reach your ultimate goal In this clinic athletes and performers will learn what anger is and how they experience it, ultimately creating their own “anger profile.” Against the backdrop of real-world, personalized situations, participants will learn strategies to manage their thoughts, physical feelings, and emotions so that their behaviors are not problematic and do not end up becoming an obstacle in attaining their goals.
8 Stress / Anxiety Management Stress and Coping: avoiding burnout and establishing balance This clinic will teach athletes and performers about the process of stress – what it is, where it comes from, how it presents itself, and the possible short and long-term effects. It will provide participants with useful tools on how to reduce stress and live a more balance life. In addition, it will address ways to recognize and avoid overtraining and burnout before it is too late.  How we deal with adversity can help define who we are and who we will become.
9 Psychological Rehabilitation of Injured Athletes Psychological Factors in Injury Recovery: before and after the pain In this clinic athletes and performers will learn about the psychological process of injury. Participants will be introduced to the psychosocial factors that influence injury occurrence as well as responses to injury, psychological and behavioral responses to injury, and different strategies for effectively coping when injured and facilitating rehabilitation. Increasing awareness of preinjury risk factors, understanding common psychological reactions to injury, and incorporating psychological strategies to influence the speed and quality of recovery will be emphasized.
10 Life Skills Balance Life Skills: success in both life and sport In this clinic athletes and performers will learn how to optimally balance sport/performance and other aspects of life (e.g., school, family). Participants will engaged in a variety of exercises/activities to assist them in becoming more aware of how they spend their time, what their priorities are and how those match with their time use, and how/where to ask for help when it is needed.
11 Parent Training Creating a winning environment in youth sport This clinic is specifically designed for parents of athletes who participate in sport at the youth level. It will teach parents about the developmental stages of youth athletes and how to properly encourage and support their performances.
12 College Prep Assistance Time Management, Choosing a college, finding support, learning to become proactive and your own advocate
13 Motivation Learn where your motivation comes from and how to use motivation to propel you to success
14 Team Building Team dynamics, team building, communication & negotiation, cohesion, communication, leadership
15 Peak Performance How do we find the sweet spot in time, does it exist.  Is there something more to the sport experience that goes beyond the physical nature of the game.

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