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Over the last few years there have been some news releases about what Sport Psychology Consultants and The Mental Game have been fortunate to be involved in. Here are two news release’s.

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Mental Training, Inc. Adds a New Mental Trainer® to the Team

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Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) is excited to announce the newest member of their mental training team, Mike Margolies.

Online PR News Release – 03-March-2013 –Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) is excited to announce the newest member of their mental training team, Mike Margolies. Based out of the Pacific Northwest with more than 30 years experience working independently in the Sport Psychology industry, Mike is an extremely valued addition to MTI’s mental training team. Likewise, Mike has stated that he is equally as excited to be a part of this thriving, professional group.

At MTI, the mission for each Mental Trainer® is to be a catalyst for success. The team provides tools and support for athletes and performers to strengthen their mental skills for optimal performance. The core of their work involves teaching people how to control their thoughts and emotions so they can perform their best when it matters the most. MTI Mental Trainers® work with a variety of age, experience, and competitive levels within a multitude of sport, business, and other performance industries.

Mike’s previous experience as a Sport Psychology Consultant, Author, and Professional Speaker aligns seamlessly with MTI’s mission and client focus. He’s worked with more than 2,000 athletes from around the globe over the past three decades, and his past clients include professional (world and Super Bowl champions), collegiate and youth athletes in every sport. Mike has taught at four Universities and completed research at the United States Olympic Training Center. Mike recently published a new book titled “The Athlete Within You – A Mental Approach to Sports and Business.” As a member of the MTI team, Mike will continue to work with individual athletes, teams and businesses around the world, both in person and via Skype.

About Mental Training, Inc.:
Mental Training, Inc. provides a wide range of automated and Mental Trainer® services for amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes, as well as teams, coaches, executives, and performing artists, all of whom have one thing in common: they want to learn to control their thoughts and emotions so they perform better more often. For more information about Mental Training, Inc, visit or email


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Seattle Sport Psychology Expert

Lands Internet Radio Show

Mike Margolies hosts “The Athlete Within You” on Toginet Radio

February 28, 2011 — ISSAQUAH, Wash. – Mike Margolies, a Seattle area consultant who has used his expertise in psychology to help more than 2,000 amateur and professional athletes achieve their competitive goals, has joined Toginet Radio as the host of “The Athlete Within You.”

The program, which can be heard live every Monday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time at Toginet or via podcast from online archives, focuses on both the mental and physical aspects that help people excel in both business and sports.  It features interviews and discussions with people Margolies has worked with, such as athletes, coaches, nutritionists and others who share his philosophy about the importance of understanding and mentally preparing for competition, as well as the health-related aspects that can affect one’s success in life.

Margolies, who has a master’s degree in sport psychology / sport science and is a former athlete himself, teaches individuals in all professions how to live up to their potential through one-on-one consulting, group training sessions and sports camps that focus on mental preparedness, nutrition, stress management, confidence-building and more.  He is the founder of Sport Psychology Consultants and has used his knowledge not only to guide athletes to world championships and to compete in the Super Bowl, but also to help Fortune 500 companies build great sales and project teams using his winning strategies. He also has taught at five universities and conducted research at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

He is currently working with Rat City Rollergirls, Seattle’s premiere all-female, flat-track roller derby league, and he is helping families of promising young athletes find the right coaching and training their children need to succeed in school and on the playing field.  For more information about Margolies and his work, visit his blog, “The Mental Game,” at


For more information, contact:

Mike Margolies

(425) 241-6539