Mental Training Mini-Camp

Mental Training Mini-Camp is designed to give 9th – 12th grade athletes the opportunity to develop mental skills and techniques that can aid in athletic performance. 

Topics covered include:Mental Training Mini-Camp
– Mental Toughness
– Goal Setting and Achievement
– Focus
– Motivation and Confidence
– Dealing with Adversity
– Relaxation
– Imagery
– And much more!

One really helpful thing you can do for your program is to have a Mental Training Mini-Camp. Think of it this way.  What are your challenges during the season? Would it be helpful if your players could focus on a few important aspects of the mental game?

We can do this really effectively during your season or as part of your pre-season. We could also do a mini-camp program during the off season so that your players come in ready to perform.

The program is designed to be cost effective so that we can serve your young athletes. If they can learn to use mental training now, they will have much greater success as their athletic participation continues. If sports performance is 80% mental, what are you doing today to work on those skills?

Contact The Mental Game today for a Mini-Camp Proposal. Let’s talk about what your needs are and how I can help. [email protected] (425) 241-6539