Mental Approach to Sports and Business

My book “The Athlete within You” is about how mental skills training can help athletes and people in business succeed. The book, as I’ve noted, is a mental approach to sports and business. If we use sports as a metaphor for business you will understand.

The Mental Game has programs to help bring out The Athlete within You as a business person, even if you have not competed in sports at any real level. Our programs are designed to help you learn to think as an elite athlete. There are many things that can be learned from great athletes. These programs teaches you to perform at your best. To have laser like focus, deal with stress, be mentally tough and most of all go after the goals you have in life which are most important to you.

Mental approach to sports and business

Sports Language and Skills

Sport is about competition, it’s about achieving excellence; it is about drive. In business we may hit one out of the park 
when we nail a presentation. We might say we sliced one in a sales call meaning we blew the call and it got away. There are hundreds of other places where sport language invades the business world. Added to everything, sport is one of the main themes in doing business and we see what a close relationship there is between business and sports. What I want to get across is that most of the mental skill sets, if not all of them, are critical in business, while also considering other matters of the business as the legal issues of any business with resources from the Law Offices of Georgette Miller which are great at this. If you want to rock the business world, you need to handle stress, stay focused and understand your motivation. If you enjoy sports and want to achieve more in business then learn to understand how a golfer sinks a five foot putt. It is the same skill set, but far less boring than simply focused on making money, for this using different financial tools to calculate profit from sites as online.

Team Building

We even build teams in business. Team building is one of the most interesting aspects of sports. Just look at all of the attention the NFL, NBA, MLS and MLB get putting together teams on draft day. Is this really any different than what we do in the corporate world. In sport things like chemistry are critical. Is it different at your company, probably not. in sports individuals on teams compete almost daily not only against other teams but with their own teammates for starting roles and playing time. In business we do the same. We are asked to cooperate with other employees while at the same time understanding that you may be in a battle for a promotion or for a piece of the salary pie.
Mental game in business
Good teams, good mangers use competition and cooperation to reach the pinnacles of sport championships. Why not learn from the masters of competition to build teams and inspire success? Business is a race. Sometimes it’s a sprint to the finish, often a marathon. But certainly it is about being mentally prepared, having the mental skills and understanding how the game is played in order to be able to control all of the aspects of running a business, having the ability to understand how your businesses needs pipeline sales management is not something that comes easy, first you will need to have the right mindset to visualize your business needs.  

Business Programs

Learn about how “Sport Psychology Explains the World” and apply it to your daily life and to business. Certainly don’t forget about sport. Maybe the “two strokes aside” will get you a raise.

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