Mental training is for everyone, most people have not had the opportunity to consider how effective it is. Let’s talk about it in an initial consultation and assessment. See if it is right for you.

The Mental Game offers everybody an absolutely no cost Initial Consultation – No strings attached – a $200+ value.

Your Initial Consultation may be either over the phone, Skype, or in person. The same is true for your mental training sessions. For youth athletes this is a time when your parents can jump on as well to ask questions

The Initial Consultation is to find out enough about you and what you want to individualize your sessions in order to make them most effective.  This is a 30 minute consult where we will talk about how mental training fits into your plans. Typically we will talk about any issues and directions you would like to go. I’ll also take you through a short issue assessment to see where your interests are or what problems you are facing.

It also gives you the opportunity to find out more about The Mental Game, how I work, and to get your questions answered. Also and very importantly, it gives me the chance to see if I want to work with you. After 35 years, I’m selective and you need to meet my criteria. 

After the Consultation, you will be asked when you want to schedule your first session. All our sessions are by appointment only. Same day appointments are sometimes available, but it’s rare. 

All you have to do is call or email me for a time slot.  We will connect using Skype and see if  this is right for both you and me. Not everyone is right for a mental training program. this is something you must want. Just like doing additional fitness training, it is much harder if you don’t want it.  Call (469) 781-2399 or email us now for your appointment.