Offering a no cost initial consultation online via Skype on in my office. Let’s get to know each other. Mental training to be effective needs to work for everyone involved  Let’s get to know one another. It must be right for all parties involved

initial consultation mental trainingSo let’s have a short conversation and see if working together makes sense for all of us.

This is a 20 or 30 minute consult where we will talk about how mental training fits into your plans.  What you have to do is call or email me for a time slot. We also do a short assessment to see where your interest might be. We can connect using Skype and see if  this is right for both of us.  Typically we will talk about any issues and directions you would like to go.  Let’s talk about stress, concentration, relaxation and visualization and other skills.

For youth athletes this is a time when your parents can jump on as well to ask questions.  It is a process that is working really well and this is the first time I am offering this service online.  Call (425) 241-6539 or email  now for your appointment.

Mental training is the best sports dollars you will ever invest.

Skype with The Mental Game