Imagery Rehearsal mp3’s

Relaxation for the Athlete within You

Working with an athlete- Relaxation Training

Relaxation and Imagery Rehearsal:

I have been teaching people how to relax since 1975 using relaxation training and imagery rehearsal.  It was the first mental training skill I learned and started passing on to others.  My first students were in their 70’s and wanted to learn to swim, but were afraid of the water.  I taught them how to relax and then overcome their fears.  It was my first experience that mental training of some kind could affect performance.

When I was teaching this skill I had combined it with a sort of random visualization.  My intent was to make them comfortable in the water.  I was just learning what a powerful tool visualization and guided imagery would have on the athletes I would work with in the future.

Both Relaxation and Imagery are powerful tools to help athletes gain awareness of mind and body.  The skill sets are not secrets, yet they are not as commonly taught, as I would have liked to have seen developed over the past 35 years.

There are lots of references to imagery use from Jack Nicklaus & Tiger Woods in golf, to Olympic Champions and Super Bowl MVPs.  I’ll post more information on my blog soon.  I can tell you one thing for sure.  Use these skills and your performance will improve.

I am now offering a few mp3s for sale on this web site.  They are designed to help you get started with relaxation training and imagery rehearsal. I have also include some hypnosis / guided imagery recordings.

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