Mental Game of Golf

the mental game of golf

The Mental Game of Golf Program is devoted to helping golfers cut strokes off their game. It will also teach players to enjoy the game more. I spent three years working on my doctorate at the University of Virginia. My adviser was Robert (Bob) Rotella. He is a sport psychologist best known for his work with PGA professional players. He has written books like “Golf is not a Game of Perfect”.  Spending three years with Bob, as his applied practice grew primarily into the golf world, was very interesting. To say I learned something about golf and mental training for golfers would be an understatement. Bob’s approach to the mental aspects of golf are mostly cognitive behavioral. This means that the approach, as with many sport psychology people, revolves around what you say to yourself while playing golf. It’s a solid approach that I use with athletes, but I augment cognitive behavioral therapy with many other techniques. My focus is often on increasing self awareness through emotional intelligence and helping golfers understand their unconscious mind and the role it plays in success or failure on the course. I am now in Dallas, Texas which makes it easier than ever to work virtually year round on the mental game of golf. So give me a call and add mental toughness to your bag today.

The Competitive Golfer

This is an intense program with focus on emotional intelligence. Often the spotlight is on stress management and/ or confidence building. At The Mental Game we will cover all aspects of sport psychology for golf performance so the golfer learns to control mind and body. The Mental Game has a program for all levels of competitive golf. High School, College, emerging Pro and PGA Professional.

The Business Executive Golfer

Over the years I’ve worked with golfers of all levels. One of my favorite types of client is the recreational business executive golfer both men and women. So often the intangibles that helped them to success are the same things that are preventing them from making progress on their games. That high achievement drive adds to their stress and slows progress and enjoyment of the game. Helping them drop a few strokes on their handicaps, helping them play more consistently has some really good affects on them as people. They enjoy the game more. They chase their ball less and they really become better company on the golf course allowing them if they choose to be more attentive to their clients and customers. In most cases my executive clients are looking for that experience. Yes they would love to be low handicap golfers, but mostly they want to enjoy themselves on the course. I have a really good workshop program for weekends and even for a week. We spend time discussing important aspects of mental training. We spend time on the range and on the course together. It’s an complete immersion into golf for the executive. We start at breakfast and don’t finish up till late in the evening. Great corporate programs are fully customizable.

golf and the mental game


For the mental game of golf, I have a wide range of programs for golfers. SKYPE sessions, office visits, workshops and golfing trips. I work with the golfer and their instructor (golf pro). I have always encouraged a team approach. I can help you drop strokes. Here is what we call the value proposition in golf.  Look at how much time you spend on lessons, equipment and practice. I can help you lower your handicap. Please look at what it means to you to accelerate your learning curve and start playing better golf today.

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