Supplement Your Club Training with Clinics and Seminars

A great way to improve is through clinics and seminars.


Clinics not only educate you on the how and why methods of being safe and performing your best, but they also allow you to experience things like  Imagery Rehearsal.

The Mental Game clinics are workshops that last a maximum of one day, and are typically focused on specific training areas that will help you understand important concepts related to your own performance.

Our  clinics include classroom type teaching, discussion, and hands-on application. For example we may teach you how to better train for your sport by having better focus during practice, followed by an open discussion. We then finish with active participation in a mental training session.


Seminars are in-depth educational experiences focusing on Performance and mental training. Our Performance seminars are educational sessions that last from one hour to an entire 8 hour day.

Similar to our Clinics, the educational seminars are teaching and discussion based, with the focus on teaching and learning.  Again, there will be experts presenting their specialty areas and application to specific sports, or sports in general. A sample seminar would include presentations on performance training, mental training /sports psychology, or rehabilitation. There is not a hands-on portion in the seminars.. 

Experts in their Field

We assemble  experts specific to each topic presented in our seminars and clinics. Specialized training is needed for sports excellence, so it is necessary to find specialized experts, there will be a space where you can go give your information and find the right job for you, you just need your western australian police clearance in order and all your medical and professional info.

Please Contact Us for specific information (including a sample clinic format, registration information, specific age considerations, fees, dates, location, etc.) about each clinic.

Workshops, Seminars and Classes on Special Topics for athletes and coaches. Workshops provide educational experiences in a relatively short time frame.

Mental training workshops

(Topics by arrangement)

Out of the area, time and travel will be negotiated 60 to 90 minute class (4-20 students)

Sports Psychology for Athletes

(8 week course, 2 hours per week), min of 6 athletes

Psychology of Coaching

Four or eight week courses minimum of 6 coaches
Weekend Seminars and workshops as well