Consulting Fees and Policy

Margolies, Mike Sport Psychology Consultant

Consultations, Sessions & Classes

This is an overview of classes, consulting fees and policy of Sport Psychology Consultants and The Mental Game. The Mental Game offers one-on-one consultations, team sessions, classes and residential camp experiences.  Typical class sizes are between 4-20 participants.  Our fees are simple:  we offer the highest quality value added service at a fair and competitive price.

Fee Structure

Please call to discuss the value of mental training. It is the best sports dollars you will ever spend.

Our fees are designed to work within everyone’s budget.  Please consider that at any given level of performance, 75-90% of performance is mental.  No one ever says that the difference between their best day and worse day of competition was because they were just out-classed.

Anyway you look at this, mental training is the critical component to athletic development and achievement.  Decrease your learning curve NOW with mental training.

We accept payment via check, cash, credit cards and through Pay Pal. Fees are due at the time of service; packages are paid for at initial session.  Our consultations, sessions, and classes are an educational experience and we feel this is the best way for athletes to prepare to reach for their potential.  Although some of the work we do is post-rehabilitative in nature (injury recovery), we do not bill through your insurance provider.

1 on 1 Consultation Packages
      We have two packages for amateur athletes. Youth through College.

       Advanced Package is $1895 for 6 sessions online or in person
       Elite Package is $2495 for 10 sessions online of in person  

Professional / Elite packages by arrangement.  Retainer, travel expenses etc.

INTENSIVE MENTAL PREPARATION PROGRAM– Weekend, Week or month anywhere in the world. Retainer, travel expenses etc. by arrangement.

MY BEST YEAR PLAN for Pros and Elite Competitors – $10,500 includes weekly session in office or via ZOOM, calls and email follow up. Program is intended to prepare athletes for major steps in transition to the next level. The athlete has access to consultations as needed. 6 additional consults at practice or competition included. Travel expenses out of the area are extra. This includes monthly 30 minute Zoom followups for the rest of the athletes competitive career.


It is often the case where I am asked to watch an athlete compete and work with them on site.  In these instances charges are at normal rates.  If the competition is out of the area, time and travel will be added. Time can be divided among more than one athlete by arrangement.

Team Sessions: Cost by arrangement

Single session 70-90 minutes
Season: One session per week or by arrangement
Phone and email Sessions (follow up and more)
Most sessions come with a follow up call and often follow up emails for homework.  On occasion a session can be conducted over via SKYPE Under these circumstances normal rates apply.  In the event of an out of the ordinary occurrence, that some people have incorrectly called emergencies, phone time will be billed at a rate of time and a half.

Classes on Special Topics (Topics by arrangement) Out of the area, time and travel will be negotiated

60 to 90 minute class (4-20 students)

Mental Training for Athletes 

(8 week course, 2 hours per week), min of 6 athletes

Psychology of Coaching

(4 and 8 week courses) minimum of 6 coaches
Four and eight class options

Payment Information 

Payments can be arranged for as needed. If you are a student athlete on your own, or are unemployed you qualify for an automatic 20% discount.

Cash, check or credit card accepted and payment is required at time of first appointment.

The Mental Game accepts Cash, Credit Card, Personal Checks or PayPal via our STORE.

Cancellation policy

We are committed to serving you and will do all we can to accommodate your scheduling needs. In return, we ask that you call us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel a session with us. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, you will be financially responsible for the full amount of the fee associated with your missed session. Package programs are paid for in advance and are not refundable. Unless otherwise arranged packages are meant to be used within a specified time period and may not be extended without permission.