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Consultation on SKYPE with The Mental Game

Did you know that I can help you via consultations on SKYPE? Advances in technology have enabled me to work with athletes all over the world via SKYPE. I can help you from the comfort of your own home saving you driving time during your  hectic life schedules. Of course I love being able to meet people in person, but that is not always practical. So whether you live 15 miles away and don’t want to fight traffic or there is an ocean between us, I can help you to the next level of performance and beyond. If you are interested in a no cost initial consultation , just send me an or (425)241-6539. Please click on this link to understand program 1 on 1 pricing first. 

Mental Training allows you to make the changes you want in your life.

Change your Thinking Patterns, Change Your Emotional Patterns, Change Your Behavioral Patterns Quickly, Easily and Effectively leads to Positive Performance Changes.

Now you can meet with Mike Margolies, sport psychology consultant, author and professional speaker via SKYPE from the convenience of your own home or office.

If yours is a Consultation on Skype

You may want to prepare by:

  • have a glass of water with you
  • turn off the TV, radio, and other phones
  • get children and pets out of the room
  • close the door so you won’t be disturbed
  • have a notepad and pen for taking notes

Any Questions?

Call- (425) 241-6539

Sport Psychology and Mental Game Training on SKYPE