summer sports camp program adds mental training

The Mental Game has developed a mental training program specifically designed for camp programs in each sport.  Sessions during a camp week run 30 to 45 minutes each per group.  They can be scheduled during quiet / rest periods as part of recovery or as preparation for the next camp session.  Sessions can be conducted during the evenings to bring campers together to better integrate what they have learned during the day.  Our programs can involve any additional area of concentration that we offer and can be tailored to specific camp needs.  Our educational program is designed to focus on the often ignored areas of mental training which can be a great benefit to the athletes participating in your camp program using mental training

The most often requested sessions: Generally 3 or 4 topics during a week
• Pre & Post Performance Routines- 45 minutes
• Relaxation Training- 40 minutes
• Goal Setting- 40 minutes
• Imagery Rehearsal- 45 minutes as part II of relaxation training
• Confidence Building- 40 minutes
• Emotional Control- 40 minutes
• Attentional Focus: Concentration Training- 30 minutes
• Stress / Anxiety Management- 45 minutes
• Motivation- 40 minutes
• Mental approach to skill enhancement- 40 minute focus on learning
• Team Building & Team Cohesion- multi-session, 45 minutes each for individual teams

How the Game within the Game Camp Program operates within your camp system.

We work as part of your team.  We get to understand what your program needs are and act to supplement your program focusing on what you are teaching from the mental side.  Most sessions are designed for smaller groups (5-20).  These can be teams or age groups depending on your requirements.  We have worked with larger groups.  Some group sessions require chairs and tables for note taking (minimal as there are handouts).  Having a TV or white board can also be beneficial for presentations.  Relaxation and imagery sessions work best in a room where lights and sound can be somewhat controlled.  We have also done these sessions very effectively in the competitive arena, field or court given the right environmental conditions.  Sessions can be tailored for age groups.  We have worked with athletes eight years old and older. Programs have been created for each level of athlete, recreational to elite.
The Game within the Game Camp session is a tremendous way to enhance the camp learning experience.  Exercises are challenging, beneficial and fun. Let the Game within the Game Camp Program boost your program by joining your team of professional staff.

Mental training camps program