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Mike Margolies -Certified Mental Trainer®Mike Margolies' sport experience

Sport experience is crucial in many ways to understand athletes in different situations. I have been fortunate over the years to work with a lot of athletes. I’ve worked with just about every type of athlete at every level. If you don’t see your sport here, it doesn’t mean I’ve not worked in your sport. Thirty plus years ago when I retired from actively playing soccer professionally, I started working with athletes under the guidance of my mentors in Denver. I was privileged to assist in helping train many world class and professional athletes. That began the journey and 2000 plus athletes later, I still have the passion to help others. Experience does count.

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Sport Level Major Achievement
Baseball Professional, College, Youth  
Basketball College, Youth, Professional National Championships
BMX Youth Nationals
Bowling Professional, Adult *Hall of Fame
Canoeing Adult *World Champion
Darts Adult, Professional World Championships
Diving College, Youth National Championships
Equestrian Youth, Adult  
Fencing Youth, Adult Nationals *Junior Olympics Champion
Figure Skating Professional, Adult, Youth *Worlds/Olympics
Football Professional, College, Youth *NFL Super Bowl
Golf Professional, College, Youth  
Gymnastics College, Adult, Youth National Championships
Hip Hop / Break Dancing Adult  
Hockey Professional, College, Youth WSHL Playoffs NCAA Playoffs
Lacrosse Youth, College NCAA DI Championships
Mt Biking Youth, Adult World Championships
Olympic Style Weight Lifting Adult *World/American Records
Power Lifting Adult *World/American Records
Racquetball Professional, Adult, Youth  
Roller Derby Adult, Youth Nationals
Skiing/ Snowboarding College, Adult, Youth  
Soccer  Professional, College, Youth World Cup, NCAA DI Championships MLS Play-offs
Softball Youth, College  
Squash Youth, Adult  
Swimming College, Youth Nationals
Tennis College, Youth, Adult, Professional  
Track & Field College, Adult, Youth *Olympics
Triathlon Adult, Youth *Ironman
Water Skiing Adult National Championships