About Mike Margolies

Mike Margolies: Certified Mental Trainer® – Sport Psychology Consultant – Author- Internationally Known Speaker / Seminar Leader

Academic Credentials: BA., MA, Ed.D (abd), Researcher at US Olympic Training Center

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I failed as an athlete at all levels. I failed at three sports in high school, two sports in college and one at the professional level. I didn’t believe in my athletic ability, had no confidence and did not deal with stress nor could I focus when it counted. I also would lose my temper. Tough physically, but not mentally. About Mike Margolies

Typically, I blamed coaches and team mates. I went to do my Master’s degree to become a better coach. The first person I met wanted to hear my story. After he heard it, he laughed at me and said, “Mike, you were just missing a few skills”. His name was Bruce Ogilvie and he is the “Father of Modern Sport Psychology”. That encounter put me on a 35+ year journey to help others in sports and business so they might never experience the failures I did, by not having the mental skills for success.

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When you want to be the best that you can be and the one thing you are missing is the right Mental Game what do you do?  Well, athletes from all over the country have been seeking me out for over 30 years  for my experience in helping them live up to their potential.  I have worked with athletes from professional football to elite level figure skating and every sport in between.  Athletes have sought my counsel and unique teaching style to learn about the game within the game, or what sport psychology and mental training can do to help them become the athlete they want to become.  I’m a former athlete that when I retired from high level competition knew there had to be more than just natural talent and fitness to make athletes successful.  I have studied under some of the most successful sport scientists and sport psychologists in the United States. I was training professional and elite athletes before he was twenty-two and have helped guide many to world championships and even the Super Bowl.  One national champion recently called me after thirty years to thank me for the help I gave him.  I founded Sport Psychology Consultants  and the Mental Game in 1983. I’ve helped more than 2000 athletes over the years.  I’ve taught at four Universities and completed research at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Passion and Motivation

Be Bold, Do Good, Change Lives. My passion today is working with athletes to give them the mental edge.  The quest is not to get to the Olympics or the Pros.  It starts with learning to be the best you can be.  Professional sports or the World Championships are only in reach when you are fulfilling your own destiny.  When you are the best that you can be, your level of life satisfaction and happiness will lead you to success, and if that is in the competitive arena, then there is little that can hold you back.  I feel it is not my position to inspire or motivate athletes to perform to their potential, rather to help them find what it is that will inspire and motivate them from within.  You must learn that it is more important to be able to push your own button, than to rely on others to do it for you.

Business World Experience

My work with teams over the years has enabled me to bring my experience to the corporate world.  I’ve  helped nationally recognized companies build great sales and project teams with the help of the same types of strategies used in working with sports teams.  Team coaching, corporate consulting to inspire winning sales and project teams, keynote addresses and individual consultations are all available through The Mental Game.

The Book

My book  is called “The Athlete Within You”.  It is for all of the athletes and businesses people out there working to achieve more, by using mental skills training for success.