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The Mental Game

Do you want to Win the Mental Game?

Imagery rehearsal the mental game

Athlete in an imagery rehearsal & relaxation training session.

Mike Margolies Sport PsychologistDo you choke under pressure?
Do you lose focus?
Are there times when it is hard to be motivated?
Lack confidence?
Is there something in your life that has you stuck? 
Want to get to the Next Level of performance in sports and life?  

Come play the Game within the Game, The Mental Game with Sport Psychology Consultant- Mike Margolies.

Call (425) 241-6539  email:

Ask yourself these two questions:

1.What percent of my performance is mental?

I’ve asked that for 30+ years. Almost everyone says somewhere between 70 & 90 percent of performance is mental. So if that’s your answer then the next question you must ask is:

2. What am I doing today to train mentally? 

If your answer was not much or I don’t really know what to do, the answer is to start a mental training program now!

Too many people think Mental Training is just for elite and professional athletes and they are wrong. Not sure I can say that any clearer. Mental Training is not a Luxury, It is a Necessity! 

  • You train your skills
  • You work hard on fitness
  • You study film

So what are you doing today to become mentally fit?  How do you train mentally? You are not born with mental toughness. It is a skill that you can develop today.

The Mental Game has been helping athletes achieve their goals for over three decades. Mike Margolies, Sports Psychology Consultant and Certified Mental Trainer® is all about The Mental Game and what it can do for you!

Ask about your Fee Waived initial appointment today! Ask about the chip. It is one of the starting exercises from The Mental Game.

The Mental Game Poker ChipCall now to see what you are missing – Remember to schedule your appointment today! Appointments in office, at practice, competition and via SKYPE (Skyping with athletes around the world)

Phone: (425) 241-6539   SKYPE @ Mike.Margolies    email:

Office Located at 13760 Noel Road, Dallas Texas, 75240 USA


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