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How are you going to separate yourself from the competition? Let us help you to the next level of Mental Toughness! One on One Training

Do you lose focus? Are there times when it is hard to be motivated? Could you have more confidence?  Do you choke under pressure? Do you play with emotional intelligence? So are you ready to win the mental game?

Once upon a time we used to teach kids to swim by taking them to the end of a pier and throwing them in the water. Some of them figured out how to swim, some survive poorly but could function when thrown in again, and some just drowned.

It seems that in sports today we do the same thing. We throw people into high pressure sports situations without teaching them mental toughness. We allow the same thing to happen. Those with grit make it to the top usually just based on athleticism. What if we change the model? What if we start teaching people to be mentally tough through mental skills training?

Today we no longer throw kids into the deep end. We start them out in the shallows where they can develop their swimming skills without fear. Don’t we owe it to people today to teach them mental toughness skills before they need them to survive?

Relaxation / Imagery Rehearsal Session

Ask yourself these two important questions:

1.What percent of my performance is mental? I’ve asked that for 30+ years. Almost everyone says somewhere between 70 & 90 percent of performance is mental. So if that’s your answer; then the next question you must ask has to be—>.
2. What am I doing today to train mentally?  If you answered not much or I don’t really know what to do, then start a mental training program now! Read a book, investigate online, then call us. This is what we do. We help people become mentally tough. Call for your fee waived assessment and session. 

So what are you doing today to to increase mental toughness?  How do you train mentally? You are not born with mental toughness. It is a skill you develop. Why not start today? The Mental Game has been helping athletes achieve their goals for over three decades. Mike Margolies, Sports Psychology Consultant and Certified Mental Trainer® is all about The Mental Game and what it can do for you! Ask about our Fee Waived initial appointment today! Ask about the chip. It is one of the starting exercises from The Mental Game.

The Mental Game Poker ChipAppointments in our office, at practice, competition and via SKYPE (Skyping with athletes around the world)

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DeAndre Yedlin, Age 19. College Soccer. Mental Game training, relaxation/ guided imagery,mental toughness. Played in every game as a sophomore. 3rd in assists (he’s a defender. Signed his first professional MLS contract after his sophomore season with Seattle Sounders. Starter on MLS team. All-Star in his rookie season. Played in U-20 World Championships in Turkey. Currently on US Men’s National Team. Played in Brazil for World Cup. Continues on USMNT. Playing in England for Tottenham Hotspurs. 

Female age 17. High School / Club Gymnastics. She could not do her dismount from uneven bars. States were the next day. She had to move on to Regional’s and Nationals to be seen by Ivy League Coaches. Had State Championships the next day when I was called. I worked with her at the gym. CBT and hypnosis.  She has been accepted as a gymnast to Brown.

It’s Mauricio.  I’m glad I caught up to you.  Man it’s been a long time.  Things are good. I have a small business and nice family.  I still think about how you helped me pursue my dreams towards the Olympics.  The thing with the discus was so crazy.  Be well my friend and let’s stay in touch. Mauricio Bardales

Decathelete, Former US DI National Champion

I know I’ve told you this a hundred time, and maybe you will let others know how I feel now, but think you again for helping me with my game. I would have been lost on the golf course these last few years if you had not been there for me. I know you hate the words magic, but that’s the way it seemed to me. You helped me discover what I was passionate about, why I played golf in the first place, and that helped me go from Nike Tour to the PGA tour. The rest of life has been great for me. John

Professional Golfer, PGA

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