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The Mental Game

Mental Game Training in Sports and Business

Mike Margolies, Sport Psychology Consultant, certified Mental Trainer, Author, Speaker, The Mental GameDo you choke under pressure! Do you lose focus? Are there times when it is hard to get motivated? Maybe you lack confidence. Is there something in your life that has you stuck?  Want to get to the Next Level?   Then make an appointment right now and let’s start you moving forward. Come play the Game within the Game, The Mental Game with the Dynamic Cutting Edge Mental Game Trainer, Mike Margolies. Call (425) 241-6539  email:

Let me ask you 3 questions

1.What percent of your performance is mental?

I’ve asked that for 30+ years. Almost everyone says somewhere between 70 & 90 percent of performance is mental. So if your answer is between 70 & 90 percent then the next questions you have to ask yourself are:

2. What am I doing today to train mentally? __________________________

3. How much time do I spend on mental training? These are important questions and usually the answer is “Nothing or very little” and “no real time at all”. 

Mental Training is not a Luxury, It is a Necessity! 

  • You train your skills
  • You work hard on fitness
  • You train with weights

So what are you doing today to become mentally fit? How do you train mentally?

The Mental Game has been helping athletes achieve their goals for over three decades. Mike Margolies, Sports Psychology Consultant and Certified Mental Trainer® is all about The Mental Game and what it can do for you!

Role of the Sport Psychology Consultant

Most athletes misunderstand the role of the Sport Psychology Consultant / Certified Mental Trainer®. They often believe mental training is needed only when there are issues & problems. It surprises no one that high performance athletes have specialized coaches. So why not a mental coach, known as a Sport Psychology Consultant or Certified Mental Trainer® for training mentally? What we really do is teach you to have the mental skills required for success. So if you use a fitness coach, personal trainer, specialized technique coach, or nutritionist, then the real question is “Why aren’t you using a Sport Psychology Consultant to focus on the single most important part of your game?” it is the best investment in your future that you can make. 

Optimum Level Training begins with Mental Training

Emotional Intelligence – Thoughts – Mental Toughness – Stress Management – Confitime to choose clockfacedence Team Building – Goal Setting – Imagery Rehearsal – Psychological Rehabilitation of Injured Athletes

Mental Training is an Experience for everyone 

If you are not doing mental training, you are missing out on the most important part of your game. Mental Training is based on the science of Sports Psychology. Mental Games are ways we can improve performance. 

Mental Training is about enhancing performance. Yes we can help with performance problems or blocks as they are sometimes known, but our primary objective is helping people perform optimally through training their mind, some people refer to this as brain training. 

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Story of an athlete: I have helped many athletes and some of their stories are posted here - Let me share one about a gymnast I worked with recently. A year ago I got a call from the mother of a gymnast. Her daughter was a junior in high school. She had been a gymnast since she was like 5. She wanted to be on a gymnastics team in college. (at an Ivy League School). She had been to Nationals the last 2 years, but now she was unable to do her release on the uneven bars. She needed to do well at State, then Regional’s to go to National’s even with this issue. There were college coaches that needed to see her at Nationals. Oh and by the way States are tomorrow! So I went to the gym and watched her be stuck. WE talked, SHE got unstuck. Then we worked on keeping her at a level where she could perform. End of story is the young woman is going to an Ivy League College and she is on the Gymnastics Team. She was just missing a small thing that was keeping her from success. It wasn’t magic. She was under pressure to perform. She had seen a bad injury. Her thoughts were on that rather than on her commitment to doing the routine. She was not focused on the NOW, but in the past and future. 

Ask about your Fee Waived initial appointment today! Ask me about the chip. It is one of the starting exercises from The Mental Game.Poker Chip FULL

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Mental Game Training in Sports and Business Do you choke under pressure! Do you lose focus? Are there times when it is hard to get motivated? Maybe you lack confidence. Is there something in your life that has you stuck?  Want to get to the Next Level?   Then make an appointment right now and let’s …

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